Event Photography

Event Photography

I’m going to assume rightly or wrongly, that if you’re reading this blog, that you will already have an interest in events and/or photography or both.

I have been taking photos professionally now for 5 years, and can hand-on-heart say that event photography is the most interesting, the most challenging and by far the most fun.

However, being an event photographer brings great responsibility, and you need to have honed your technique and style before even attempting to offer yourself forward to paid shoots. The pace of event photography is phenomenal, if you blink you miss!

So what words of wisdom can I give you……

  • Studio work is a great place to start, and is a way of building your portfolio and your very own unique style, and if you have ever had a studio experience yourself you will probably have noticed that the subjects will automatically try and arrange themselves face on to the photographer and if there is more than one of them – in a line. (Shoulder to shoulder). It becomes the photographer’s job to put the subject at ease and make sure they do not go home with a boring photo. Easier said than done sometimes I admit.
  • The trick is to make them comfortable enough in front of your lens that they let you capture them in an honest moment. If they’re having fun, it’ll show. If they’re having a bad experience, they’ll let that show too.
  • Go to local events is another tip, local football or rugby matches, sporting events, fun days or fetes, develop your skillset or find a second shooter position with a local wedding photographer. Just get as much practice as you can, get yourself out there.
  • I am now going to be a bit controversial with my next tip. There is nothing wrong with point and shoot cameras, sometimes especially at parties a DSLR camera can become a barrier to the candid shots. Don’t be shy, introduce yourself if a subject interests you, say hello explain what you’re doing and do a mini photo session with them.

The transition from studio to events photography was a conscious decision for me at least, and I have since had some amazing opportunities from weddings and celebrations to sporting events and festivals where a good photo can become a great photo in seconds. It’s a high speed, fast paced environment where you need eyes in the back of your head, or in my case a second shooter.

To anyone with an interest in photography that might be reading this article, don’t be afraid to experiment, use angles and props, nurture your interest, who knows your hobby may at some point become your career.

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