Welton Soapbox Derby 2017

Feel The Need, The Need for Speed!!!
It’s all about Gravity & Sheer Courage!!! 32mph : 1/2km Race Track!!!

The 5th Annual Welton Soapbox Derby will deliver a SPECTACULAR array of amateur drivers racing their homemade ‘Soapbox Vehicles’! Each hand-made ‘DREAM-MACHINE’ is fuelled by nothing but GRAVITY and SHEER COURAGE!!!

This FREE to spectate unique non-motorised racing event challenges you to work as a team to design and build a traditional or outrageous soapbox dream machine, and compete against the clock in a downhill RACE!!!

Your SOAPBOX: Anything goes, in design and shape. A realistic replica, or for those feeling creative – A Living Room, A Fire Engine, A Helicopter, A Narrow Boat, all of which we’ve seen over the years…

Your POWER: Gravity & Sheer Courage! NO Engines, NO Pedals, NO Batteries, NO Electrics, NO Gas, NO NOS, NO Catapults, NO Afterburners…

Your BRAKES: You must have an independent and functioning braking system, connected to the vehicle, and applied to a minimum of 2 (Front or Rear) wheels, left and right.

Your SAFETY: Helmet, either cycling or motorbike. Gloves, Long Trousers, Long Sleeved Top, Elbow pads, knee pads recommended.

Your CONSTRUCTION: All vehicles must be no more than 2.0m wide, 5.0m long, and 2.5m Tall. Chassis must be atleast 10cm off the ground. Vehicles (excl driver) must not weigh more than 80kg.
Pre-fabricated vehicles will not be allowed to race. All vehicles will undergo strict pre-race checks prior to racing. Any vehicle(s) deemed unsafe to race, will not be allowed to enter. No refund if excluded.

Your TEAM: Should consist of 4 people minimum, including driver(s). Co-drivers are optional if design permits. Recommend 2 team members to push start. Only 2 main drivers per cart permitted.

Age Groups: 8-11, 12-15 and 16+

Your ENTRY: £10 per driver across all age groups

Your LICENCE TO DRIVE: Each paid up driver, will be given a licence to drive.This licence will cover you for the duration of the race day [15/07/17]; is not redeemable and cannot be transferred. No Refunds.

Driver(s) under 16 Years: If a driver is under 16 years of age; consent MUST be provided and signed for on the offical application form by Parent/Guardian on behalf of.

– Fastest Run Time in each age group category : 1st, 2nd & 3rd place(s).
– Best Creativity across all categories.
– Winners Podium Ceremony at 17:00 on Race Day.

For an official application form, please request by email: welton_soapbox@outlook.com
Your place on the grid will not be confirmed until a completed application form has been received with full and cleared payment. Grid positions on race day are determined on a first come, first served basis.

Welton Soapbox Derby is a non for profit organisation; with all funds raised net of running costs distributed to local charities.

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