So you want to be an events planner?

So you want to be an events planner?

Back in my day it was simple, you started at the bottom and you worked your way up.

In 1984, I left school with a fair few decent grades and made my way to college and then into the work place, I worked hard and was keen to learn…. At 21, I had studied my trade well and was arranging everything from launch days to company family days. Team building events were always great fun to organise, and at one point I was appointed to arrange a book signing for a well-known peer. Back in those days there was no social media, to share your event, so you had to be resourceful TV, Newspapers, radio and word of mouth were king.

So let’s fast forward 33 years (yes I am that old) and the day-to-day role of anyone working in the Events Industry is practically unrecognisable now, but the way in is pretty much the same. You need to be determined, hard-working, creative and with the added skills of being social media savvy.

So, if a job in the event Industry is your dream career then there are a huge number of event management courses you can enrol into, but will these courses prepare you for the practical skills needed in our industry? I’m not so sure.

Practical experience can be just as valuable to an employer as qualifications, which is why I would recommend undertaking a project in your spare time or consider an apprenticeship. Apprenticeships are a fantastic way to start your career, learn from the bottom up and supported by training along the way, you will be able to gain all the skills you need. Who knows where this will lead, maybe in a few years you will be a Director of your own company blogging advice to keen, bright young individuals who see their future in the events industry too.

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